Environment & Sustainability

PUSULA Group veer off in a new direction to the one of the most important sectors in the last few years, which is environment and sustainability. Within the scope of environmental and water projects, we are carrying out many projects including planning and feasibility studies. Pusula Group provides engineering services in all areas related to environmental and water problems such as drainage and flood control, hydraulic structures, irrigation systems, hydrogeology, drinking water supply, treatment facilities planning and design services, and waste water and solid waste management.


  • Solid Waste Management

  • Waste Water and Drinking Water Treatment Plants

  • Wastewater and Rain Water Systems

  • Irrigation and Drainage Systems

  • Agricultural Development Projects

  • Engineering, Consultancy and Supervision services in their fields.


  Pusula Group has a multidisciplinary team consisting of civil, hydraulic, geological, mechanical and electrical engineers within the environmental - water sector. Today, with its current staff, we provide services with the consortiums established with international companies in the environmental and water sector engineering and consultancy projects, which are especially provided by foreign financing.


  Pusula Group provides the necessary services in transportation projects with its specialized employees and consultants / partners / subcontractors working in different disciplines.

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