Business Development

  • Preparation of Preliminary Report,

  • Preparation of Feasibility Report,

  • Pre-Owned Map,

  • Establishment and Operation of AGI,

  • Hydrological, Geological and Geotechnical Investigations

Tender Process

  • Preparation of Tender Documents for Domestic and Foreign Contractors

  • Procurement for Tender and Company Selection

Implementation Process

  • Construction and Equipment Installation, Supervision Services, Insuring the Construction and Operation of the Facilities and Equipment, Provisional Acceptance, Operation of the Facility

  • Application Process.

  • Construction and Equipment Installation

  • Supervision Services

  • Insuring of Facilities and Equipment during Construction and Operation

  • Provisional Acceptance

  • Commissioning the Plant

Technical Evaluation

  • Investigation of DSI and EIE Projects and Report Preparation

  • Investigation and Reporting of Projects Developed by Legal Entities

  • New original project development

Financial Process

  • EMT Market Research, Preparation and Reporting of Contractor Portfolio, Preparation of Credit Document, Conducting Credit Negotiations

  • Financial Process.

  • EMT Market Research

  • Preparation and Reporting of Contractor Portfolio

  • Preparation of Credit Document

  • Conducting Credit Negotiations

Management Process

  • Electricity Sales Agreements

  • Facility Operation

  • Basin Based Works

Pre-License Process

  • License Application

  • Files Preparation and Tracking

  • Preparation and Monitoring of EIA Report

  • Expropriation Plan Preparation and Approval

  • Monitoring of Expropriation Cases and Settlement Transactions

  • Water Use Rights Agreement Talks

  • YEK Certificate Application

  • Application Follow-up and Receipt of the Certificate

  • Follow-up of Connection Opinion Operations

Post-License Process

  • Preparation of Incentive Certificate Submission to the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Follow-up

  • Preparation and Tracking of Transmission or Distribution Network Connection Files

  • Obtaining and Following Forest Permission Certificate

  • Preparation and Monitoring of EIA Report

  • Final Project Firm Selection and Inspection and Control of Projects

  • Selection and Application of Application Project Company

  • Preparation of Progress Reports and Submission to Necessary Authorities

Water Structures Supervising Engineering

Water Structures Supevising Activities;

To accelerate investments during the construction of all kinds of water structures to be used by real or legal persons to prevent the damages of underground and surface water and to prevent the wastes of the country resources that may occur in harmony with the environment, implementation of environmentally compatible application projects and technical inspections under construction.

Water structures; to ensure that the project introduction dossier is made in accordance with the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report and environmental legislation:


Technical Assistance of water structures;

Accelerating investments during the construction of all kinds of water structures, technical inspections necessary to prevent waste of resources that may occur after natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.


Compliance with environmental legislation;

Water structure; to ensure that the project file is made in accordance with the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report and environmental legislation.


Compliance with relevant legislation and standards.

Compliance with DSI project technical specifications given in ANNEX-7 in construction projects and
geological-geotechnical projects and compliance with DSI criteria of contract between investor and contractor in hydromechanical and electrical projects.


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