Our goal today has reached the position of Turkey energy bridge existing resources using the most efficient and effective as evaluating reputable international cooperation opportunities, is to become a world-class pioneering and leading company.


As we enter the 21st century, the realization of the production process and the maintenance of life in contemporary conditions and the increase in the level of welfare depend on the energy and environment. In the last 20 years, the concept of sustainable development has gained importance. Sustainable development requires a high efficiency assessment of resources in harmony with the environment. According to this; to be a company that respects the environment, transforms advanced technology and knowledge into productivity, is open to innovations and developments, it is institutionalized and strong in every respect and has the highest level of contribution to the national economy without compromising international quality standards.


Tigris Energy (MERGİ HEPP) is a subsidiary of Pusula Group; reducing our dependence on foreign energy is a private organization established to establish an electrical energy production facility in line with the Electricity Market Law No. 4628 by using our own natural resources.


On 21.03.2019, under the Electricity Market Law No. 6446, a Water Use Right Agreement was signed with DSI (State Hydraulic Works) for Mergi Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Generation Plant with an installed capacity of 20,00 MWm / 19,40 MWe.

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